Our history

  1. 1948

    The hard postwar years. A mother with five children to raise. Maria Disegna has a market pitch in the square of Bassano del Grappa.

  2. 1954

    La Casa della Lana, the family shop, opens.

  3. 1956

    Wholesale selling begins.

  4. 1957

    The first automatic machines enable the mass production of hats and sweaters.

  5. 1960

    Campagnolo Dott. Andrea e Mario S.a.s. is established. The company is a wholesaler of sewn goods, knitwear, woollen hats and similar. The Astro brand is created.

  6. 1965

    Società Confezioni Sivar is established, producing and selling clothing. The first F.lli Campagnolo company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The company purchases jacquard looms.

  7. 1973

    Sivar and Campagnolo s.a.s. merge to form F.lli Campagnolo S.p.a. The company now has a total staff of 230 factory workers, office employees and sales personnel.

  8. 1978

    The company starts making tracksuits in order to enter the sportswear market. Turnover exceeds 16 billion lire.

  9. 1979

    Wholesaling, a cornerstone of the company’s commercial expansion, is transferred to the new 16,000-sq-m premises in via Nardi in Fellette.

  10. 1982

    The company expands into the international markets with supply contracts for Puma and Reebok.

  11. 1985/86

    A 22,000 sq-m building is added to enlarge the via Merlo headquarters.

  12. 1988

    F.lli Campagnolo GmbH is set up, with headquarters in Germany, to market the brand.

  13. 1991

    Fleece is included in the collection and proves to be an engine for the company’s growth and success. The company now has 400 employees. F.lli Campagnolo takes part in the ISPO trade show for the first time.

  14. 1993

    The first company-owned factory in Romania opens.

  15. 1995

    On November 21st the Maryplaid brand is created for the production of fleece throws and blankets, initially intended for the wholesale market.

  16. 1996

    The company acquires Melby, brand of 0-14-years childrenswear. The wholesale trade division is split off from the production side.

  17. 1999

    Kilkenny is created. This sportswear brand is sold in Italy.

  18. 2000

    Turnover rises to 140 billion lire. There are now six factories, in Italy, Romania and the new ones in Tunisia. The first ski collection is launched. The Maryplaid brand develops and enters the medium/high-end retail market.

  19. 2002

    A childrenswear franchise scheme is launched under the Nucleo brand. Melby takes part in Pitti Bimbo. The First outdoor collection is introduced.

  20. 2004

    Il marchio Maryplaid aggiunge la collezione homewear con il marchio Maryhome.

  21. 2005

    Softshells are included in the sport collection. It will become one of the iconic items in the outdoor collection.

  22. 2007

    Maryplaid acquires the licence for the Marina Militare menswear brand.

  23. 2010

    The CMP brand of ski, outdoor and sports clothing and accessories is created. It replaces Kilkenny in Italy and F.lli Campagnolo abroad.

  24. 2011

    Restyling of all brands, plus a new Nucleo franchising format.

  25. 2012

    The introduction of down padded jackets to the CMP collection helps to make the brand more widespread in Italy and internationally. Colour becomes CMP’s distinguishing feature.

  26. 2014

    Turnover exceedes € 120 m and employees number over 350. CMP’s brand awareness is such that it is among the leaders of outdoor clothing. The Austrian branch is opened. First footwear collection launched. Showroom opened on the company’s premises in Romano d’Ezzelino: 1500 square metres with sections devoted to the various company brands.

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