The Group


Today’s consumers demand contemporary but accessible clothing and homeware and the Group’s mission is designed to meet this demand. Authentic garments for authentic people who appreciate the intrinsic values of the products they wear. This feature is a key asset, even when operating on foreign markets which recognise and value only the very best quality. 

The headquarters in Romano d’Ezzelino, covering 80,000 square metres, are home to the management, commercial, administrative, EDP and logistics departments, as well as the showroom. Generous spaces and resources are dedicated to design, prototyping, producing sample collections, cutting and a whole range of related activities (printing, embroidery, etc.). This complex organisation enables the company to monitor each stage in the production process to ensure every garment is of the highest standard and showcases the design and values of true Italian style.


The Group has its own warehouse and coordinates shipping in-house and this is the first important step in providing a first-class service. Advanced logistics, ironing, garment reconditioning... Professionalism and specialisation are all called upon to promptly solve clients’ problems and needs should they arise. The company’s credibility is also guaranteed by its NOS (never out of stock) service for its leading items, ensuring products are supplied immediately and always available. By specialising in the knitwear sector, the Group is able to deliver products that are in continual evolution, thanks to the work of its team of designers. Research into materials and collections which anticipate and reflect the latest trends season after season are a key asset which is appreciated by its global clients.

The journey has been sure but steady and has taken the company from a small provincial business to a Group of international calibre. More than half the Group’s production is exported and North Europe is its most important market, accounting for 70% of foreign sales alone. Despite the Group’s expansion into international markets, it still has very close ties with the area where it was first established and has since grown. Nearly all its employees are from the surrounding area and stay with the company for many years. This promotes the feeling of working for one big family.

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Via Merlo, 2
36060 Romano d'Ezzelino
(Vicenza) Italy