The production


The company is vertically structured and covers every stage of the production process, from sourcing the raw materials to dispatching the finished articles: the process includes weaving, dyeing, raising, clipping, washing, ironing, cutting, sewing and packaging... The fundamental advantage of managing the whole process is that costs are kept to a minimum while quality is guaranteed. The Group has five brands and owns six factories: three are located in Italy and the others are in Romania and Tunisia (co-owned). The company’s figures put it at the top of its sector, with an average weekly production of fleeces of 9,000 kg. The outdoor, free time, fitness, fashion, children’s and homeware collections cater to all tastes and meet all requirements, a creative combination of trends, style and comfort. The product range currently features more than 2,000 garments.


Fleecing and trimming

Washing and ironing


Respect for the environment: an important issue which demands our constant attention and unwavering commitment. It has always been the Group’s policy to select suppliers who respect precise codes of conduct in order to guarantee product quality and safety. But respect for the workers is even more important. Each of the Group’s factories complies with health and safety standards to guarantee their workers’ wellbeing. The garments it produces are also subject to stringent controls, especially children’s clothing. F.lli Campagnolo conducts continuous tests to ensure its products are free of harmful or allergenic substances. A number of years ago the Group’s commitment earned it the prestigious OEKO-TEX® certification. Promoted by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology, certification involves performing stringent tests on all parts of the garments to ensure they meet the strict parameters regarding quality and harmlessness to health.

Finished fabric

Product designing

Final product


If we are to build a future, we have to look forward and innovate. Know-how, advanced technologies and research into new materials must merge with creativity to produce products with great aesthetic appeal and high quality standards. Focussing on new trends and colours, attending the leading international trade shows and encouraging working partnerships with external designers are all steps in the right direction. In-house weaving is a great way of trying and testing new ideas and styles. Delivering innovative, competitive products has always been a priority for the Group and the investments it makes to ensure its staff is always highly trained and up-dated is testimony to this commitment. Making the most of human resources paves the way for new synergies, partnerships and joint ventures.

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