Maryplaid is a collection of blankets, accessories and homewear launched in 2000, the fruit of Maria Pia Campagnolo's creativity and entrepreneurship. Style and quality are family traditions renewed for each collection. The know-how of the well-established F.lli Campagnolo group plus advanced technology merge with Italian passion and style research to create products featuring exclusive textiles and original designs. A simple way of expressing our personal style, enlivening our home and keeping warm on winter evenings


Maryplaid Living

Going home is a little like going back to our childhoods, to the warm hug of our mothers. But home isn’t home without Maryplaid. Blankets, accessories and homewear which warms up the environment and our hearts.

Maryplaid Kids

Maryplaid means tenderness, hugs, warmth. A collection of soft, sweet accessories for cots and children’s beds. And bags, accessories and lots of little friends so they’ll never feel alone too.


Feeling at home means being ourselves. Moving freely, living every moment of the day serenely. Our home is our nest and our tracksuits, pyjamas, bathrobes and dressing gowns are our feathers.

Marina Militare

The sea is our inspiration: the sound of the wind in the sails, great open spaces where the view stretches to the horizon. At the end of the day this means something only if there is a port waiting for us, a home to live in, clothes and emotions to wear.

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Via Merlo, 2
36060 Romano d'Ezzelino
(Vicenza) Italy