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F.lli Campagnolo Spa will collect, keep and archive your personal details, including your e-mail address, in compliance with your wishes, for the sole purpose of exchanging the information necessary for negotiations deriving from your candidature, which is spontaneously presented with a view to establishing a professional relationship with F.lli Campagnolo Spa.
Only common data will be processed; the inclusion of any details revealing state of health, racial and ethnic origin, religious convictions, political opinions, sexual orientation, and any other information defined as ‘sensitive’ under the terms of Article 22 of the Italian law governing privacy and the protection of personal details, will lead to the immediate destruction of the message containing it. With particular reference to messages containing candidatures for professional relationships spontaneously transmitted to us, F.lli Campagnolo Spa therefore advises all those transmitting their curriculum vitae or professional profile, not to include in it or in the accompanying message any 'sensitive data’ likely to lead to the message and the curriculum vitae being destroyed. When providing information on obligatory military service, for example, candidates should merely state whether they have completed their military service or not, and refrain from providing information on conscientious objection. Likewise, in the event of terminations of employment, reasons such as pregnancy, accident, illness etc., should not be given. In any case, all data provided shall be processed as stated above in conformity with the requirements of Article 9 of the law governing privacy and the protection of personal details, either manually or with the aid of information and telematic technology. Data may be archived in paper archives or electronic archives, in such a way as to permit, whenever necessary, the identification and selection of categorised data, and for a time not exceeding the duration of the need to process that data. All data will be processed directly by F.lli Campagnolo Spa, its staff and/or data processing personnel. An up-to-date list of our data processing personnel is available from the offices of F.lli Campagnolo Spa. Data will be processed using logic that is strictly relevant to the stated purpose, using methods that guarantee its security and confidentiality, and with all necessary measures adopted to prevent the alteration, deletion, or destruction of that data, and to prevent unauthorised processing or processing that is not relevant to the declared purpose of collection.